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How to use

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Conductive Products used to enhance Cold Laser, Near Infrared, Bio Energy Scanners

We specialize in production of Energetic Products for all Natural Health and Beauty applications

  Our Bio Conductive Gels works to enhance the finished effect with Cold Laser & Near Infrared devices for Spas 



Intrasound Experience
 The atmosphere is filled with organized energy fields that produce a vibratory signal which supports all living systems. The discovery of Intrasound involved capturing this signal in its balanced integrity and imprinting it on a host or carrier of that signal such as Intrasound Powder and the Intrasound gel and Vibra Bands.

The wonders of Intrasound Energy has been known for years. Immersing oneself in this Intrasound signal through the use of the powder and the gels and lotion raises the vibratory energy level of the body to a higher octave, resulting in the increased ability for the body to regenerate  itself​.